Brands and Agencies Should Strive to Create Pink Pony Birthday Movements

by matt stengel on January 18, 2011

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Last week on Twitter I shared this great video I came across on AdFreak and decided over the weekend that I liked it SO much I should share it here in case you aren’t on Twitter (yet) and/or don’t follow me (yet, @MattStengel). Hopefully it makes you smile, laugh and even ponder the overall message of the video, which I LOVE by the way. Very inspiring to an advertising geek like me, ha.

In case you’re curious, the video comes by way of Toronto-based ad agency john st., who in 2010 took on its toughest challenge yet. Make Chelsea Bedano’s birthday party a success in an already cluttered birthday market. The results were astounding but I guess you’ll have to see for yourself. Enjoy!

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